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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

these feet are tired!

this is a message from my feet.
We, the two palms two heels and 10 toes down here declare that we have become acquainted with many kilometers of this fine town over the course of many hours, in the bright sun and cool dark evenings of Jersualem. In particular we have participated in smoothing down the well-worn stones of the steps and alleys in nachlaot. (It is a little world of its own and its really miraculous to see cars and vans maneuver in the narrow "streets"!) We look forward to resting on a lovely mattress (recently acquired from a friend and transported via our new friend and savior, Elan, who drives a station wagon cab and rescued us two weeks ago when we were overburdened with groceries). The mattress is much more pleasing than the fold out chair we have been accumstomed to for 2 weeks; though it is a very comfortable chair, it simply does not rank high in the category of bed. We also report form the thighs and calves that the hills of Jerusaem offer an excellent, cheap alternative to stair master. Can't wait til the 5am hike in Arad on Friday!


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