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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anybody Got a Peanut?

Israir is an airline that any of my fellow Illini would feel at home with in light of the blue and orange color scheme. Flight attendants are wearing jeans- some of them very tight jeans, both men and women. The average age for the attendants seems to be about 35 years below the average US carrier. This is a big change from a mainstream airline like united, where sex with a flight attendant is probably something you would only do on a dare while very drunk- unless you are among those who date their grandmother’s friends.

It seems the jet was bought from Iceland Air, since there was a monitor showing altitude and airspeed in Icelandic. I’m glad to know that our airspeed is 632 Klümøøsten, but the term in Hebrew would be much more helpful.

The flight was like a shul dinner. People milled about at teach other’s seats; children ran around, and the smell of overcooked chicken filled the air (the food was acutally just fine). Was it the notion of national unity? The fact that 60% of the passengers were part of the same youth program? The relief that comes after having passed through security interviews and a screening 4 hours in advance? I am not sure, but a lot of people were wearing their Israir orange slippers and acting like the plane was their living room.


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