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Friday, September 01, 2006

Look Ron, A Talking Dog!

Well, folks, its been a very full two days. Wednesday saw a visit to Pardes and its lovely 3rd Floor Beit Midrash, which is airy and wide. Wednesday also presented the joyfull discovery of ATM's that accepted our bank cards and then spat out brightly colored shekels (which unlike dollars use every color possible on each bill, even if it makes them painful to look at).

Thursday saw a visit to the Conservative Yeshiva and its small underground Beit Midrash, which is symbolic of the Conservative Movement; anything with great potential is always kept small and where it will not be seen. The shortest walk to the CY takes us right by the PM's house and the JTS research library. There is a lot of security on that block; it could be for the JTS library, but something tells me otherwise. We also had lunch in Independence park for a very lovely birthday girl! And after some other assorted tasks . . . groceries.

Grocery shopping in Israel reveals the following;
a) A variety of Asian ingredients can be found here that never have hashgacha in the US,
b) That Israelis have truly adapted the following words into their vocabulary: big, deal, and super.
c) That even the softest TP available in Israel can still be used as a fine grit sandpaper,
d) The “Mister Zol” supermarket under Hamashbeer does not have bathrooms,
e) Israelis only do discrete Math when it comes to milk- you get 3%, 1%, or cream.

Picture: our kitchen window's view, which looks west-ish. Nifty, eh?


Blogger So what if I am not married said...

Lovely view bro! Hope to see it for myself. Sis

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