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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

But first, you need to have your hearing checked.

The blog for tonight was going to be about how I went to the nearby Kosher butcher, and there was good service, good quality, and an overall good experience- stunningly un-Israeli. And that was going to be all.

But fear not, good readers, for Behold! Our adventure in authentic Israeli living continued when our sink's plumbing exploded downwards right after dinner, covering our kitchen floor in icky drainwater. While our landlady has stocked the kitchen with every cleaner we could need (including a disturbing product that is a floor-wax /cockroach repellent combo [no, I am not making that up and no, I am not ripping off classic Saturday Night Live- just look at the photo]), we had to squeegee the floor, since there seems to be a Basic Law in Israel prohibiting owning or using a mop. Buckets, cleaners, fans and towels were used instead, and that is why we are all going to bed so late and the floor is slightly pine-scented.


Anonymous Dad said...

I hope this is the worst problem you have with the apt facilities. Do you have a garbage disposal unit in the sink that went bad? From the floor wax label, I'm trying to figure out the Hebrew for 'cockroach' -- probably a cognate. The universal symbol is easily recognizable for sure. If you use that product, you might think twice about walking barefoot on the kitchen floor for a few weeks. Does the landlady know about this blog?


7:03 AM  

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