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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nobody hits on the Rebbetzyn

The Quiet Shabbat –

Friday night found hosted for shabbat dinning by students from Pardes, and the rest of Shabbat was spent with close friends. The day was warm and quiet, but a very full week lies ahead. Be sure to come back by Tuesday, as we try a new adventure- to get a package from the post office! Shavua Tov to our families and friends- we miss you.

Photo: the panoramic view view looking east.


Anonymous Becka said...

Hey there, Ranger, ADAR1, and Ume Boshi. I miss you, too! It's so much fun to read what you have to say; I guess it helps that the writers on the staff of The Eleventh Floor are so incredibly witty. :-) Hope to hear from you again soon.
Love, B

11:24 PM  

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